VZ Declares Surplus Across NY

Verizon New York has notified CWA, it is declaring 3938 jobs surplus in 39 Titles within the New York FAA’s. This surplus condition has been determined to be a process change. At this point the EIPP offers, 15 day volunteer period and the off payroll date have not been determined.

In addition, if the surplus is not satisfied by other steps of the FAP or other measures, the Company may implement involuntary transfers and layoffs pursuant, to paragraphs 8(b) and 10 of the FAP to those employees with a net credited service date, as defined in Article II of the Verizon Pension Plan for New York and New England Associates, of the August 3, 2003 or later.

The Company has requested to meet with CWA, regarding discussions around the offer. The complete Surplus, by Title and FAA is listed below.

Surplus Title FAA 1 FAA 2 FAA 3 FAA 4 FAA 5 FAA 6 Grand Total
Accounting Financial Clerk 14 3 1 3     21
Accounting Operations Clerk   47 4 10     61
Administrative Assistant 70 32 8 15 18 4 147
Apparatus Servicer 1           1
Back Tap Assignor 1           1
Building Mechanic 9 2         11
Building Service Attendant 4           4
Building Servicer 16           16
Cable Splicer Technician Helper 1           1
Central Office Technician 390 172 84 70 58 20 794
Coin Box Sealer 1           1
Coin Telephone Collector 7 2 1       10
Conduit Worker 1           1
Construction Coordinator   2 3 1 3 2 11
Customer Service Administrator 67 30   26 9   132
Drafter 6 1 10       17
Driver A   3   1     4
Driver B 4 14 2   1   21
Elevator Mechanic 10           10
Engineering Drafter 2 1         3
Facilities Assistant 1           1
Facilities Specialist 3           3
Fiber Customer Support Analyst         20   20
Fiber Network Technician       1 10   11
Field Technician 549 1047 391 12 9 13 2021
Frame Specialist 16 1         17
Materiel Attendant 1           1
Materiel Equipment Technician 13 1   1 4   19
Network Service Coordinator   1   9     10
Office Assistant 12 2 2 1     17
Operator     5 22 16 5 48
President’s Helpline Representative 4           4
Reports & Records Associate   1         1
Representative 112 66 50 17 15 38 298
Senior Administrative Assistant 29 7 1 9 1 1 48
Senior Photographer   1 1       2
Service Assistant       1     1
Special Assistant 47 19 2 23 1   92
Special Representative 7 4   1 3   15
Storekeeper 3   2       5
Translations Administrator 26 4       2 32
Trunk Assignor 5           5
Grand Total 1432 1463 567 223 168 85 3938

Demand Action Now on NLRB Appointments

Craig Becker and Mark Pearce, highly respected labor lawyers whom President Obama nominated for seats on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Meanwhile, the NLRB, tasked with protecting American workers’ rights, has been handicapped with vacancies for the past two years.

CWA is continuing to press for NLRB nominees Craig Becker and Mark Pearce to be confirmed as soon as possible, with a recess appointment from President Obama if necessary.

With just two active members now on the NLRB, “thousands of fired workers can get no justice and hundreds of thousands have no bargaining rights as every critical case at the national level is frozen,” said CWA President Larry Cohen.

Presidents routinely make appointments during the Senate recess, especially when lawmakers have refused to confirm nominees to critical positions. Ronald Reagan made 243 recess appointments, George W. Bush made 171, Bill Clinton made 140 and George H.W. Bush made 77.

Enough is enough. Call the White House switchboard today and demand that President Obama fight Republican obstructionism and use his executive power to appoint Craig Becker and Mark Pearce to the NLRB during the Presidents Day recess. 

Call the White House NOW: (800) 705-7083.

Becker already has received majority backing in the Senate and both won committee support, but the Republican minority has continually blocked their appointments. America’s working people are getting short shrift and it’s past time to do something about it. Workers need an NLRB that can enforce the National Labor Relations Act and protect workers’ rights—not an NLRB handicapped by vacancies.

Public Officials Join CWA in Fight Against Verizon Layoffs

Hundreds face Layoff while thousands of jobs are contracted out.

NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and other city and state elected officials joined with hundreds of CWA members and leaders on the steps of City Hall November 12th to call on Verizon to stop the layoffs of hundreds of workers across New York and New Jersey.

The layoff axe has already started to fall at Verizon.  Thirty five Verizon Business technicians were laid off in New York in September, as were 24 Customer Service Reps in New Jersey.  And hundreds of technicians in the New York metro area face layoff in the next days or weeks.

“Every one of these cuts means another middle class New Yorker out of work in the toughest job market in our lifetimes,” said District One Vice President Chris Shelton. “Verizon isn’t hurting. Last year they made more $6.4 billion, but instead of keeping jobs in New York, they’re laying people off and sending jobs out of state and overseas.”

Speaker Silver was joined by Public Advocate-elect Bill de Blasio, NYC Comptroller-elect John Liu, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, and NYC Central Labor Council President Jack Ahearn, all of whom pledged to use the power of their offices to pressure Verizon to put a stop to layoffs and outsourcing of jobs.  Working Families Party Executive Director Dan Cantor de nounced the greed of Verizon’s executives, who raked in $59 million in compensation in 2008.

Workers facing a layoff—and several already laid off—were also present at the rally. “In this economy, losing my job would be a real hardship, especially with a baby on the way,”  said Louis Calemine, an 1106 member from Queens whose job is on the chopping block. “ It’s wrong that a greedy corporation like Verizon is making billions in profits while still laying us off.” Marsha Richardson, a laid off Verizon Business worker from Local 1101, she told about life after her layoff in mid-September.

Verizon claims that it must reduce the workforce because of the decline in copper access lines, and to show Wall Street that it is cutting costs.

 But the truth is, these moves clearly violate contractual provisions that prohibit layoffs when our work is being contracted out—and thousands of jobs at the cost of tens of millions of dollars are currently being contracted.  It’s work that our members facing layoff can do, including:

  • 787 DSL tech support jobs that have been contracted out to Mexico, India, Canada and the Phillipines.
  • Hundreds of jobs on both sides of the river marketing FIOS door to door.
  • At least 500 customer service jobs, including staffing Verizon Wireless kiosks in malls and big box stores, taking billing inquiry calls, and staffing marketing events.
  • 700 outside plant jobs such as flagging and placing buried cable.

The company admits that in the first half of 2009 alone, it spent nearly $41 million contracting out the work of nearly 1,000 outside plant technicians!  Tens of millions more were spent on other contracting initiatives.

 The first salvo in our campaign against Verizon layoffs came at a rally and picket in Newark on September 30th against the New Jersey layoffs. Thanks to Senator Ron Rice and Assemblyman Albert Coutinho for showing their support. 

 Starting November 14th, CWA activists will be leafleting Verizon Wireless stores to let customers know the truth about how Verizon treats its workforce.

This is only the beginning of CWA’s Fight for Good Jobs at Verizon!

CWA Executive Board Sets Action Plan on Health Care, Elects D7 VP

September 24, 2009

CWA’s Executive Board this week outlined a CWA action plan to fight efforts in Congress to tax employer health care plans and to win the real health care reform union members need, including an employer mandate.

Here’s a summary of board action:

Taylor Becomes New D7 VP on Retirement of Louise Caddell 

CWA President Larry Cohen swears in Mary Taylor as District 7 Vice President.

The Board elected Mary Taylor as District 7 Vice President following the September 22 retirement of Louise Caddell. Taylor has a long record of service to CWA in Minnesota, most recently as assistant to Caddell who was elected District 7 vice president in 2008.

Caddell has been an outstanding leader and has spent a lifetime in service to CWA members in two districts and the Communications and Technologies sector, said CWA President Larry Cohen.

Action Plan to Fight Taxation of Health Care and Win Real Reform
The Executive Board adopted a three-part action plan that is critical in the fight to kill the proposed tax on health care. “Taxing health care would be a disaster for CWA members and retirees and we will go all out to make sure that the Senate hears our voice,” Cohen said.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Directly meet and engage with senators who are the key players in reconciling differences in the various legislative proposals on health care reform. This includes the Senate Finance Committee which is working on a bill with many bad proposals for working families, the Senate HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) and the leaders of the three House committees and the House leadership on H.R. 3200, which best meets CWA’s priorities for real reform. 
  • CWAers must be actively involved in getting our message to members of Congress through meetings, personal letters and other communications. More than 100 CWA activists will be dedicated to coordinating leafleting at worksites, collecting letters for senators and making sure our voice is heard at political meetings.
  • CWA employers must join us in the fight to defeat any effort to tax health care plans. “We are asking CWA employers to get by our side in this critical fight,” Cohen said.

CWA has one of the union movement’s most exciting and active organizing programs going. Our organizing campaign at Delta Airlines is the largest organizing effort underway in the United States. This drive among 20,000 flight attendants will determine whether 7,000 flight attendants at the former Northwest Airlines will get to keep their 60-year history of bargaining rights or lose them as a result of arbitrary election rules in the airline industry. In another exciting campaign, in Suffolk County, N.Y., CWA organizers are working with more than 8,000 county workers. 

The board also discussed the need to ramp up quickly in training new organizers who will be very busy once the Employee Free Choice Act passes. The board is exploring a Strategic Industries Fund program to help train the organizers CWA will need. “CWA organizers are extremely busy right now and are doing terrific work. We need to increase our numbers in ongoing organizing campaigns and also need to be ready for the boom in organizing that will follow passage of the Employee Free Choice Act,” said Seth Rosen, CWA District 4 vice president and chair of the Organizing Committee.  

The board also reviewed other organizing plans in the airlines, telecom and public sectors.

Employee Free Choice
The board renewed CWA’s commitment to passing the Employee Free Choice Act by November after Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick named Paul Kirk to fill the seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy until a January special election. Efforts to firm up the votes of those senators who haven’t fully committed to the bill are continuing, with the goal of assuring the support of at least 60 senators who will vote for cloture and allow the bill to move to the Senate floor for a final vote.

Thank You Local 1101

Dear Mr. Gibbons,

I am writing to thank you and all of your colleagues at Local 1101 for the scholarship I received this year. I am currently a sophomore at St. John’s University on Staten Island and I really love it there. This scholarship has helped enable me to continue my education at St. John’s, for which I am truly grateful. Thank you once again for this generous award. 

Christina Cianflone