Local 1101 Civil Rights And Equity

Mission Statement: Our vision is to build a Local where members of all cultures, religions, sexual orientations, gender, disabilities, ages and nationalities feel welcomed, respected and heard; and where the leadership reflects the diversity of our membership.

The Local 1101 Civil Rights And Equity Committee will:

  • Provide guidance and information to the members on the CWA Civil Rights and Equity program;
  • Keep the local Executive Board informed about civil and human rights issues that affect our members and communities, and when necessary offer a course of action;
  • Research, report and make recommendations to give direction to the convention delegates on current civil and human right issues, and
  • Work along all sides of the CWA Triangle.

Major Program Goals

  • Work to fully integrate civil rights issues with core work of the Local.
  • Increase grassroots activity on civil rights issues.
  • Increase community visibility of CWA Civil Rights and Equity program.
  • Aggressively seek Local 1101 representation in grassroots civil rights organizations that share our common goals.

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