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SPV Job Postings cwa1105

VZCareers is your new on-line tool for searching and applying for jobs and replaces STAR and VZPeople. For information regarding changes affecting your area, please select one of the following:
You must be on the Verizon network ( on a computer in a Verizon building) for these links to work.

New York/New England Employees

VZCareers replaces VZPeople and the 1-800-510-5000 number for New England and the 1-800-995-8772 number for New York. All contract rules will continue to apply to employees in the New York and New England areas.

To apply for a position, select Search and Apply for Jobs under the Take Actions section on the right. You may also select the Show Me How link for a short tutorial.

More detailed information may be reviewed in the Associate North Training Guide located at the VZCareers Training Material site.

Associate Inter-company Transfer Plan (AITP)

With the roll-out of VZCareers, Associates interested in moving between fBA North and fBA South may apply for posted vacancies on-line through VZCareers. Associates will no longer be limited in the number of applications they may submit through AITP. All AITP applications received prior to VZCareers implementation will no longer be considered.

To apply for AITP position, select the Search and Apply for Jobs under the Take Actions section on the right.

VZCareers Training and Guides

Recorded WebClass training is available for both employees and hiring managers. After logging into the WebClass site simply click on Event List, located in the left-hand menu, and then type ‘VZCareers Associate – Employee South’ or ‘VZCareers Associate – Employee North’ in the Event Name box; select “Recorded” as the Event Type option, then click Search to find and enroll in the recorded classes.

After enrolling in the selected WebClass you may attend the event by navigating back to your “My Schedule” page. Select the “Recorded” tab and you will then have the ability to “playback” the recorded session.

For training guides and job aids refer to the VZCareers Training Material site.

Voice Portal

Another way to search and apply for jobs is by calling the eWeb Voice Portal.

You must be registered to utilize the Voice Portal. To register please visit the eWeb at http://eweb.verizon.com/voice(click on “Register” on the left navigation bar) or you may contact the Help Desk at (813) 978-2828. Upon registration you will receive a Voice Portal pin which is necessary to access the Voice Portal.

Once you are registered, call (866) 4VZ-EWEB (1.866.489.3932), say “Job Opportunities” then “East Associate Jobs”, and be prepared to log in with your VZID and Voice Portal pin.

Voice Portal will use the VZCareers resume on file at the time of applying. You may update your resume by selecting Build Your Resume Without Applying in the Take Actions section on the right.

A VZCareers Voice Portal guide is available by going to the VZCareers Training Material site.