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We're Not on Strike... Yet

The Leadership of the CWA & IBEW have decided not to go on Strike against Verizon… Yet.

At this time, your bargaining team has decided that working without a contract is the strongest tactic we have. We can decide to strike at any time. The key issues on the table remain job security, health care, retirement security, contracting out and off-shoring of jobs. There are several reasons why your union leadership has made this decision:

The company expects a strike and has been preparing for months. They have spent tens of millions hiring contractors, recruiting scabs, and training managers to climb poles and do the rest of our work. They have spent tens of millions in the media to portray themselves as the good guys. Why should we give them what they expect, and maybe even want? Let them pay the scabs and pay their hotel bills while we work.

The company is under significant pressure from elected officials and regulators because of their refusal to build out FiOS or meet the obligations of FiOS franchises they have already been granted. We are going to use this time continuing to build additional public pressure on the company.

Staying on the job enables us to send the message to the public and to elected officials that we want to provide the highest quality service to the public.


We will not simply be working as usual. We will be doing informational picketing, rallying, seeking community and political support, pressuring company executives and members of the Board of Directors. In short, we will do all the things we normally do when we’re on strike.

  • Negotiations will continue.
  • You will still earn a paycheck.
  • All benefits, including health care and pension, will remain in effect.
  • The grievance procedure continues, but the company has the right to discontinue the arbitration procedure. Discipline can be negotiated at the bargaining table.
  • You have the right to participate in “concerted activity.” This means you can mobilize on the job, including filing group grievances, leafleting, informational picketing, etc.

We’re Not on Strike Flyer