TTA Program Database Stolen – Next Step

Update: Letter to Next Step participants from Hudson Valley Community College regarding Identity Theft Program.

A laptop computer that was assigned to an administrator of the TTA program, was stolen from his/her home in early September. The computer had a database with personal information (including full social security numbers) of every employee who was accepted into the TTA program as well as all employees who applied to the TTA program. The computer also had over 100,000 e mails which may also have contained social security numbers. The administrator works for Hudson Valley Community College, which is the lead college for the TTA program.

Due to this breach of employee identity, Hudson Valley Community College will be sending a letter to all employees who may have been affected, informing them of the theft. In addition, the college will offer an Identity Theft Program to those employees, free of charge, for a two year period.

More information will be posted once it’s available.