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It's Not Over, Till It's Over... Bargaining Continues

September 18, 2012

There is No Tentative Agreement as of 9/18/12, Bargaining Continues. (19:47pm)
Source: CWA 1107.org

1101 Tape Transcript (5:15pm)

Keith Purce President “We still do not have a signed temporary agreement with Verizon. There are still some issues that are being discussed. As soon as we have a signed agreement, we will put out the information. Thank you everyone for your patience.” Source: local1101.org

Conceptual Agreement Reached Between CWA/IBEW and Verizon.

As of 1:15 pm today, CWA, IBEW NY, NE, NJ and Mid-Atlantic have reached a Conceptual Agreement with Verizon on a new collective Bargaining Agreement.

At this time that agreement is being reviewed. Once we are notified that the agreement is signed, details will be released. Source: cwa1105.org

CWA national town hall call, set for Thursday, Sept. 20 at 7:30 pm EDT.
Sign up at www.cwa-union.org/cwacall.