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Labor Day Parade/Brooklyn Cablevision Workers' Labor Day Rap

The Labor Day Parade is this weekend Saturday, September 8th.

CWA Members from Locals across NYS will take part in the Labor Day Parade on Sept 8th, Manhattan NY. For those wishing to attend, CWA will assemble on 48th Street between 5th and 6th avenues. Please wear red and support our great Union way of life, by attending the parade and marching with your Union Sisters and Brothers.

Brooklyn Cablevision Workers’ Labor Day Rap

Brooklyn Cablevision workers kicked off the Labor Day weekend with a powerful music video about their struggles to join CWA.

The song, “We Are The Union,” features two Cablevision technicians, Jerome “Jaywalk” Thompson, Jr. and McDaniel “Grimm” Paul, and a former customer-service agent, Shatoya Thomas-Flemmings.

In January, 282 Brooklyn Cablevision workers joined CWA Local 1109, becoming the company’s first employees to unionize. Since then, workers at Brooklyn Cablevision contractors Vision Pro and Falcon Communications have voted to join CWA.

Watch the video here: