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Assembly OKs bill to delay replacement of landline with wireless

The New York state Assembly voted 87-23 on Friday in support of a bill that would establish a moratorium on telephone corporations on the replacement of landline telephone service with a wireless system. The moratorium would be in place until June 1, 2014.

The bill would not affect Verizon’s proposal to abandon its wireline service […]

Protect Good Jobs

Letter Writing Campaign To Halt Voicelink Deployment

On May 16th, the New York Public Service Commission held a hearing on Verizon’s attempt to abandon landlines in New York. Verizon attempted to amend its tariff so that the company could abandon copper wire in favor of a wireless alternative, called Voice Link. While Verizon focused on the west end of Fire Island, its […]

Verizon Surplus Numbers Q2 2013

Verizon has declared a surplus in FAAs 1,2,3,4,5 & 6. This surplus has been determined by the Company to be due to a process change, not an external event. The provisions of FAP Articles 8(b) and 10 will not apply. CWA Local 1101 titles affected by the surplus appear in column marked FAA 1.

There […]