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One Year Later, Major Bargaining Issues Remain Unresolved

Rally at Pearl Street. Click on the photo to view album.

Marc Reed, executive vice president of human resources and administration, today provided the following status report on bargaining with the CWA and IBEW for new labor agreements for East associates:

As you know, it’s now been one year […]

CWA Targets Minority Board Members in Verizon Negotiations

By Elesha Barnette

A battle of wills between the second largest wireline telephone company and the two largest telecom unions has taken an unusual and unfortunate turn into a racial issue. The Communications Workers of America (CWA) the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) have attacked two members of Verizon’s board of directors – an […]

A Day Of Action For Verizon Workers

Photo by C. Richter. Click on the photo to view the album.

June 22nd was declared a Day of action for Verizon workers. This day marked the one year anniversary of Bargaining with Verizon.

After work, CWA 1101 Members handed out flyers in front of a select group of restaurants around the city. […]

Union Hall Call, June 21, at 7:30 PM

On Strike Day 4! Click on the photo to view the album.

June 22nd marks the 1 year anniversary of Bargaining with Verizon.

Union Hall Call – CWA Activists from around the country will report on:

The battle in Wisconsin Organizing at General Electric in Burlington, IA Bargaining and mobilization at AT&T […]


Verizon workers from five states and Washington D.C. rallied alongside consumer advocates and community organizations in front of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today to urge regulators to put conditions on the proposed anti-competitive deal between Verizon subsidiary Verizon Wireless and Big Cable. […]

Bargaining Report # 58 - Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last week and again this week, the CWA District 1/IBEW Local 2213 and IBEW New England Regional Committee and the CWA District 2-13/ IBEW Mid Atlantic Regional Committee met with the Company together on the issues of Job Security and Call Sharing. There were also several off table discussions with Union and the Company chairs […]

CWAers Tell Verizon - We Ain't Gonna Take It!

Rally at 230 W.36th Street.

In spite of the rain, CWA 1101 Retirees joined our active Members yesterday for a Rally at 230 W. 36th Street. A few hundred CWAers were in attendance in an effort to tell Verizon that “We ain’t gonna take it”.

Last week […]

Verizon To Ditch Phone Plans, Go With Shared Plans

1101 Rally at 230 W.36th St. 6-12-12.

NEW YORK (AP) — Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest cellphone company, is dropping nearly all of its phone plans in favor of pricing schemes that encourage consumers to connect their non-phone devices, like tablets and PCs, to Verizon’s network.

The new plans will become available on June […]

Job Cuts Could Help Make Verizon's Case for Cable Deal; Spectrum-Seeking Telco Says Layoffs Are Part of Industry's Response to Wireless Migration

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, deadlocked in contract talks with Verizon Communications, is using recent job cuts at the telco in New England and New Jersey to argue against the government approving the phone company’s planned purchase of wireless spectrum from cable operators in the SpectrumCo coalition.

Verizon contends the two issues are unrelated, […]

Dependent Verification - Deadline is June 15th

The time line for the Dependent Verification Communication process will be ending on June 15, 2012.

If you have not furnished your requested Dependent Verification please do so before June 15th to avoid your dependent or dependents coverage being terminated. If you are having problems please call the Dependent Verification Representative at 1-877-489-2367 so they […]