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Join us in New York City to March for Jobs and Economic Fairness!

Last Day of March Against Corporate Greed, November 17, 2011. Click on photo to view the photo gallery.

Thursday, December 1, 2011 Assemble at 4 pm, on 32nd Street just east of Broadway

There are 14 million unemployed in America, while the richest 1% has tripled its wealth over the past 30 years. It’s time […]

Member Update Call - Thursday, December 1@7:00PM

The next member update call with National and District One will be Thursday, December 1, at 7:00 pm ET.

Register for the call by texting VZCALL to 69866 or at www.cwa-union.org/verizoncall

To Our 1101 Members and Their Families

'Walker Recall' Petitioners Net More Than 100,000 Signatures In Four Days

CWA News-Nov 23, 2011

More than 100,000 Wisconsin voters signed petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker in just the first four days of the campaign to oust him, and volunteers are continuing to collect thousands more signatures daily.

On the opening day of deer-hunting season, CWA Local 4630 member Mark Frey stood along a rural […]

The Executive Board Election Results Are In

The American Arbitration Association conducted the election; the ballots were counted on Monday, November 21, 2011. A total of 6601 ballots were mailed out, and 3075 were received. […]

$100-Billion Verizon One of Nation's Champion Tax Dodgers

Report Shows How Company Shifts Tax Bill to the 99 Percent

A new report this week reveals how Verizon achieves a negative federal tax rate to avoid paying its fair share of taxes, and how the company aggressively uses tax loopholes and subsidies to cut its tax bills even more.

“Unpaid Bills: How Verizon […]

CWAers Lead Marathon Marches in NY, DC, to Decry Corporate Greed

CWA District One Members gather in downtown Manhattan to march from West St. to Foley Square. Click on the photo to view the photo gallery.

East Coast CWA members collectively put thousands of miles on their sneakers this week as they led multi-day marches to denounce the greed that is driving Verizon Communications […]

CWA Members to Join Massive Nov 17th Protest in Lower Manhattan

The Verizon Workers’ March for the 99%–with a dozen workers marching the whole way from Albany–will arrive in NYC and join a massive rally in Lower Manhattan.

Most CWA members are meeting at Verizon HQ at 140 West Street between 4 and 5pm for a large informational picket. Members will march from […]

Ohio Voters to Kasich: ‘No, No, No’

Ohio voters resoundingly overturned the anti-worker agenda pushed by Gov. John Kasich (R), Republican state lawmakers and outside interest groups, which took away the right of public employees to collectively bargain for a middle-class life.

The vote was called: Buckeye State voters said “No” to Issue 2. The Associated Press reports it was […]

The 99% March for Verizon Workers

Verizon Workers to Walk from Occupy Albany to Zuccotti Park in Fight against Corporate Greed

Verizon Profit Doubles While Company Execs Ask for Major Takeaways from Rank-and-File Workers

March to Culminate in Massive Occupy Day of Action on November 17th

New York – Verizon workers, members of the Communications Workers of America, will walk […]