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Summary Of NY State Coordinating Council Meeting

1101 Executive Vice President Angel Feliciano, wearing glasses.

Executive VP Angel Feliciano

Summary Of NY State Coordinating Council Meeting

Bargaining update;

We asked for early bargaining in Oct/Nov time frame, the company refused.

We wanted to start in March and they had no interest.

The company was looking to come in late […]

Community/Labor March To Wall St. October 5th

CWA Endorses Occupy Wall Street Movement

Stomp Out Bullying

Make October 3rd the day that bullying and cyberbullying prevention are heard around the world by wearing a BLUE SHIRT in solidarity to STOMP Out Bullying!

Thousands of schools across the country are participating

Ask your school to participate on 10-3-11 by having the entire school — students and faculty –GO BLUE and wear […]

We're Turning Up The Heat In Our Fight For Middle Class Jobs At Verizon And Verizon Wireless

Verizon and Verizon Wireless – along with millions of tech geeks worldwide – are eagerly anticipating the release of the iPhone 5. Now is the time to ramp up our mobilization for a fair contract! CWA members will picket and rally at Verizon work locations on Thursday, September 29th. On Friday, September 30th and Saturday, […]

We're Turning Up The Heat!

It’s time to ramp things up. Join the National Days of Action, including workplace mobilization, leafleting at Wireless stores, and leafleting at Apple stores as the iPhone 5 release approaches.

Our two-week strike in August showed Verizon and Verizon Wireless that it could not keep stonewalling us at the bargaining table. Several concessionary demands have […]

Bargaining Report

Monday September 26, 6:30 PM

Bargaining resumed today with the North and South committees getting together. They are finalizing the contract proposals to present to the Company.

Unions' Intense Lobbying Stops Republicans From Crippling NLRB

CWA and other unions Wednesday defeated an effort by Republicans on the Senate Appropriations Committee to prevent the National Labor Relations Board from carrying out its mission to protect workers against employers’ unfair labor practices.

The fight will continue on the Senate floor where Republicans want to strip the agency of its legal power and […]

Emergency Lifted In NY State

Verizon Tape 9-25-11 1:45 pm

Angel Feliciano Speaking:

We have just been informed that the State of Emergency has been lifted in the State of New York.

Member update call, Thursday, September 29 @ 7:00 PM EDT

The next member update call with national and district leadership will be Thursday, September 29, at 7:00 pm EDT.

Register for the call by texting VZCALL to 69866 or at www.cwa-union.org/verizoncall You can listen on the web at www.cwa-union.org/verizoncall Your local may be hosting a call at the union hall. Check with your local for […]

1101 Local Elections

To All Members

The process to determine our future union Local Officers has begun. Petitions to have candidates placed on the ballot will be available in your facility. The signing of a petition only enables a candidate to be placed on the ballot. All eligible members may sign as many petitions as they want to.