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General Membership Meeting

A Special Membership Meeting has been requested and a General Membership Meeting will be held.

When: Tuesday, June 14th at 5:30 PM Where: New York Sheraton Hotel, 7th Avenue and 52nd Street.

The agenda will include a report on mobilization and bargaining at Verizon and Liberty Health Care.

A large […]

To My Family, Friends, Co-workers, Email buds, Union Brothers & Sisters...

Chief Steward Billy Cordova, pictured third from the left

Billy Cordova is a Chief Steward in Southern Manhattan. Earlier this year, Billy sent out an email looking for support on a project very close to his heart, “The Foundation’s annual Walk for Epilepsy”. Please read the emails below, including […]

AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Will Create 96,000 Jobs

Washington, D.C. — The merger of AT&T and T-Mobile will create as many as 96,000 new, quality jobs, accelerate broadband build out, and improve wireless communications and innovation, the Communications Workers of America said today in a filing submitted to the Federal Communications Commission.

On Quality Jobs

A new analysis by the Economic Policy […]

Serving Those Who Serve Our Nation

Memorial Day is more than a three-day weekend to celebrate the unofficial start of summer with a BBQ. It’s a day when we remember the service and sacrifice of the men and women who have served in our nation’s military.

Military men and women contribute to Social Security just like other working Americans, […]

CWA Phone Banks, Labor Walks Vital to Victory in Buffalo-Area District

The Republican agenda to kill Medicare, trample workers’ rights and cut millionaires’ taxes at the expense of everyone else took a well-earned beating in upstate New York on Tuesday, as a Democrat comfortably won the special election for a U.S. House seat the GOP has held for generations.

CWA members in Buffalo and surrounding Erie […]

Absence Control Plan (ACP) Arbitration Decision

Tape Transcript, May 26, 2011: Executive Vice President Angel Feliciano;

“We have just received the Arbitrators decision on our Absence Control Plan case. In a split decision the arbitrator ruled that the Company violated the contract when they eliminated a seventh step and when they changed the definition of satisfactory attendance under the contract and […]

Are You Ready?

Our negotiations with Verizon East will begin in less than 30 days. Are you ready?

This is going to be a tough round. Corporate America in general—and Verizon in particular—are on the offensive.

What will YOU do to fight a good contract? Click here.

Verizon is slashing union jobs, selling off access lines, cutting back […]

Auto Draft

With Unity, We win at Verizon

CWA Tells FCC To Act Quickly To Reform Universal Service Fund

A public forum in Lincoln, Neb., Wednesday, gave local leaders an opportunity to press the Federal Communications Commission to move forward on high-speed broadband.

The forum was part of an FCC workshop on universal service fund reform. The FCC is looking at how to modernize the USF, established by the rewrite of the Telecommunications Act […]

Hundreds Of German Workers Rally To Support Americans At T-Mobile

More than 500 German workers descended on Deutsche Telekom’s global shareholders’ meeting in Cologne last Thursday to demand that the company respect the right of its American T-Mobile employees to unionize and bargain collectively.

The workers, members of the German telecommunications union ver.di, formed a human chain around the meeting venue and released black balloons […]