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A Letter From CWA President Larry Cohen

Our momentum to support the importance of collective bargaining just keeps growing.

In the face of the continued attacks on workers’ rights, people from coast to coast are rising up to defend the right to organize.

On April 4th, CWA members will join our brothers and sisters throughout the […]

White House Forum Spotlights Women and Organizing

Women workers who are determined to have a voice on the job told their stories at the White House, as part of a forum on women and organizing.

Liliana Bequer, a T-Mobile call center worker, was one of four women who talked about the benefits of a union voice. “I want to have a voice. […]

AT&T Must Honor The Contract!

Yesterday, members of our Executive Board along with our fellow Verizon brothers and sisters began information picketing outside various AT&T stores in the New York area. […]

Proxy Recommendations

Voting your proxy gives you the chance to let Verizon’s Board of Directors know if you think the company’s headed in the right direction.

Use your proxy to send a message to Verizon Voting recommendations Item 1 Recommendation: AGAINST all directors Item 2 No recommendation Item 3 Recommendation: AGAINST Item 4 Recommendation: FOR Option […]

Join The March 29 Virtual Town Hall

On Tuesday, March 29, CWAers will again join together for a virtual town hall meeting. CWA President Larry Cohen, Executive Vice President Annie Hill, executive board members and thousands of CWA activists will be on the phone in our third meeting since the fight for fairness in the states got underway.

Topping the agenda: the […]

Stand Up For Workers' Rights On April 4

VP Chris Shelton and Ass't Dennis Trainor

Hosted by Chris Shelton, VP CWA District 1 Sponsored by CWA, District 1

When: April 4, 2011 5:00PM to 7:15PM Where: NYC, City Hall Park

Forty-three years ago, in Memphis, a long struggle for human rights and human dignity ended in the tragic death of Dr. Martin […]

T-Mobile and AT&T Merger Means Faster Broadband

Following is a statement by CWA President Larry Cohen on the planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T:

Washington, D.C. — For more than a decade, the United States has continued to drop behind nearly every other developed economy on broadband speed and build out. The Federal Communications Commission sounded the alarm more than a […]

Verizon Plans To Use Contractors

Verizon has notified the National Union that they intend to use independent contractors to perform all the work associated with the following functions.

1. Corporate Telecom Services 2. Cable Locate Work 3. Coin Collection Work 4. Fiber Solutions Center Work

We have responded to the Company that their notification to us was a wake up […]

Call To Action On April 4

Forty-three years ago, in Memphis, a long struggle for human rights and human dignity ended in the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but it brought economic justice and the respect that all people deserve to 1,300 city sanitation workers, on strike to win recognition of their union.

On April 4 this year, […]

Stand Up for Workers on Nationwide Day of Action April 4

For more information about We Are One click on the photo.

Gearing up for the biggest nationwide mobilization of workers in decades, CWA, the unionmovement and a growing list of allies are planning activities and events for April 4, the day in 1968 that Martin Luther King was murdered while supporting striking sanitation workers […]