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CWA Supports Comprehensive Reform of Senate Rules

Washington, D.C. — The Communications Workers of America strongly supports comprehensive Senate and filibuster rules reform that will make the Senate more transparent and accountable and allow for deliberation and debate. We support the common sense reforms of Senate Resolution 10 proposed by Senators Harkin, Merkley and Udall and supported by at least 23 of […]

Crunch Time for Senate Rules Reform

It’s crunch time.

As early as Monday, January 24th, the Senate will take up Senate Resolution 10, a proposal to change its rules so that a simple majority of members can pass legislation and individual senators can no longer hold up key bills or nominations.

It’s real rules reform. And it has an excellent chance […]

House to Vote on Health Care Repeal

This week, the House is expected to take a largely symbolic vote on whether to repeal the health care reform law passed last year.

The new health care law will not be repealed. The repeal effort is not expected to pass the Senate and, in any case, it would be vetoed by President Obama.

However, […]

The Members Have Spoken

By Jim Trainor

The Local 1101 Membership has voted to amend the current by-laws. The By-Law proposal as recommended has been overwhelmingly accepted by the membership. (See Results)

The American Arbitration Association conducted the election. Ballots were mailed to every Member at their homes. Ballots were to be returned by January 11th and were to […]

CWA Appoints a Prosecutor Over General Membership Meeting

The CWA Constitution and the Local 1101 By-Laws allow Members the right to appeal decisions of their Local Executive Board. Two Members filed charges against the Local Executive Board over the procedure at our November 23rd General Membership Meeting.

The agenda for the November 23rd General Membership Meeting included an explanation of the current By-Laws […]

CWA Local 1101 Final Results of By- Law Election

1. Retirement Trust Funding

Yes – Accepted 1460 82%

No – Rejected 307

Voids 4

Total 1771

2. Meeting Notification

Yes – Accepted 1077 61%

No – Rejected 693

Void 1

Total 1771

3. Membership Notification

Yes – Accepted 1481 84%

No – Rejected 287

Voids 3

Total 1771

4. Eliminate EVP

Yes – […]

Thank You!!!

Call The Senate To End The Gridlock

We lost the Employee Free Choice Act and the Repeal of the Reverse Morris Trust in the last congressional session. By losing those acts we also lost our opportunities to increase Union membership and to stop a sale of telecom plant.

We lost for one reason and one reason only; the Republicans use of the […]

Remembering Tucson And Dedicating Ourselfs To Peace & Justice

Below is a message from CWA President Larry Cohen

Sisters and Brothers:

I know we were all horrified by the shootings in Tucson. President Obama has asked us all to pause at 11 AM EST and reflect, each of us in our own way, on how we build unity in our country during these difficult […]

Gap Between the Richest and Typical Americans Soars To Record High

Setting a record gap, the net worth of America’s wealthiest households in 2009 was 225 times greater than the median family net worth, according to federal data analyzed by the Economic Policy Institute.

Find this chart and others at www.epinet.org.

Wealth, or net worth, is a measure of a family’s total assets, including real […]