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One-Half Day With Pay

District One received notification from the Company advising that the 1/2 day for Christmas will be offered on December 23, 2010 for employees who are working that day. As has been the case in the past, needs of the business with determine how many employees in each department will be permitted to use the 1/2 […]

Tape Update!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Executive Vice President Angel Feliciano Speaking;

“Ballots for the By-Laws Referendum are in the mail.

Any Member who has not received his or her ballot by December 21st should call the Election Committee at the Local and request a duplicate ballot”.

Trumka: Tax Deal First of Many Battles for Workers

Congress passed an $858 billion tax deal last night that extends vital assistance in emergency unemployment benefits (UI) for more than a year for the 1.4 million-plus long-term job seekers. But this deal comes at a terrible price because it rewards obstructionists with huge tax breaks for the nation’s richest and throws away precious resources we could use to revive our economy, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said. Read the full story […]

To Our Fellow Members

On December 14, 2010, ballots for the CWA Local 1101 By-Laws proposal were mailed to your homes. Every member in Local 1101 will be voting on this By-Law proposal. The Executive Board of Local 1101 recommends you vote YES to All the By-Law proposals.

This election is being conducted by […]

The House Must Hold:

Support the Caucus Position to Renogotiate on Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich

We’ve Been Cutting Taxes on the Rich for Decades:

91% – Top Marginal Federal Income Tax Rate Under Pres. Eisenhower

72% – Top Marginal Federal Income Tax Rate Under Pres. Nixon

69% – Top Marginal Federal Income Tax Rate Under Pres. Reagan


Republicans Block Debate on Health Care Bill for Ground Zero Worker

District One VP Chris Shelton and a Verizon technician who worked at Ground Zero.

Months ago, the House of Representatives voted to cover medical treatment and monitoring for workers exposed to toxins at Ground Zero, where workers, including hundreds of CWAers, were on the job following the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

And 57 Senators […]

Update Your Home Address

If you did not receive a notice for the General Membership Meeting please contact the Local to update your home address. You can call the Local or download the form below. After you complete the form fax or email it to the Local.

Local phone: 212-633-2666

Local fax: 212-633-8337

Local email: webmaster@cwa1101.org.

Local 1101 […]

Why We Need to Reform the Senate Rules

All 42 Senate Republicans have signed a letter this week to Majority Leader Harry Reid, announcing that they will continue to delay and filibuster every piece of Senate legislative business until….they get their way on tax cuts and the federal budget.

The Obama administration and Democratic leaders support tax cuts for 98 percent of American […]

“Your Vote is Your Voice, Every Member Counts in Local 1101”

By Jim Trainor, Secretary

The proposed by-law changes are now entering the final stage, which is a vote by the entire membership. After months of meetings, discussions, proposals and debates the Executive Board proposals are being presented to the membership. The proposed bylaw changes will be mailed by the American Arbitration Association. Every member in […]

The Need For Our By-Laws Change

By Jim Trainor, Secretary

Our Local is going through a transition which began some years ago. Recently over six hundred members of Verizon took retirement incentives. This most recent loss in membership resulted in the necessity to look at our Local financial structure. Our Local has gone through significant changes in the past and […]