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Excitement Builds for One Nation Rally on Sunny Saturday

A lead inside organizer who continues to face a tough fight for a voice at work will be among the speakers, musicians, poets and comedians who will inspire and entertain hundreds of thousands of progressive Americans under sunny skies Saturday at Washington’s One Nation rally.

Appearing at the Lincoln Memorial with CWA President Larry Cohen, […]

First Off Payroll Date - Oversubscribed and Non-Surplus Employees

Verizon Tape Transcript From: Executive Vice President Angel Feliciano

“We have been informed by the Company that the off payroll date for the vast majority of the oversubscribed and non-surplus employees will be October 9, 2010”.

The Settlement Agreement includes:

CWA and Verizon Reach an Agreement for the Over-subscribed and Surplus Members

Verizon Tape Transcript From: Executive Vice President Angel Feliciano

“Today September 24th, CWA and Verizon reached an agreement to allow all over-subscribed and non-surplus members to leave the payroll under the terms of the May 2010, EIPP offer.

The agreement requires (with a few exceptions) that the vacancies created by those leaving the payroll will […]

CWA One Nation March: 'This Rally is Too important to Miss'

Eight days to go! CWA is counting down to the Oct. 2 One Nation Working Together rally in Washington, where thousands of CWAers will gather at the Lincoln Memorial with hundreds of thousands of others to call for good jobs, bargaining rights, government that works and other issues critical to working families.

Why are CWA […]

China Is Killing U.S. Industry and Destroying U.S. Jobs

For years, China has been spitting at American manufacturers and workers, running up our trade deficit and making it impossible for American manufacturers to compete. By manipulating the value of their currency to illegally subsidize their export industries, China is killing U.S. industry and destroying U.S. Jobs.

Some members of Congress are ready to take […]

COPE Contest Final Weeks: Don't Miss Out

CWA’s COPE contest is challenging locals to take on the frontrunners: District 4, with the most new contributors and greatest number of members increasing their donations, and District 6, with the highest amount of money raised, so far.

“We’re doing great but we can do even better,” said CWA Executive Vice President Annie Hill. “This […]

Building Blocks of Health Care Reform Put in Place

Today’s the day that important health care reform changes begin to be put in place, under the legislation signed by President Obama six months ago.

There’s no question that health care reform will result in peace of mind and big improvements for all working people, whether we’re workers covered by insured plans or self-insured plans, […]

Countdown To Making History in DC!

Just 16 days ’til hundreds of thousands of union members and progressive activists fill the mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial for the One Nation rally.

No question, CWAers are getting on the bus, on 140 buses, actually and are traveling from the Midwest, New Jersey and New York, and up and down the […]

Striking Workers Declare Victory At Mott's:

More than three months after walking out, the 300-plus workers at Mott’s upstate New York applesauce plant declared victory after ratifying a new contract Monday. The workers will return to work on Monday, Sept. 20, on what would have been the 121st day of the strike (Mott’s Strikers Take A Stand For American Blue-Collar Workers […]

Construction at the World Trade Center, Finally

By Neal Tepel

Nine years after the September 11th attacks, the long-delayed redevelopment of Ground Zero finally has gained momentum. There are now tangible signs of progress with thousands of tradesmen working on the completion of the World Trade Center buildings. The steel framing of One World Trade Center is now visible. “All you simply […]