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CWA Supports Expansion of Broadband Availability

“A Good Step Forward For Reaching FCC Broadband Goals”

Washington, D.C. – Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen today supported President Obama’s signing of a presidential memorandum seeking to make available more wireless spectrum available for commercial use:

“Increased spectrum is a good step forward towards reaching the FCC broadband goals. Wireless internet is […]

White House unveils push to promote wireless Internet

The Obama administration today took its turn in pushing the federal broadband agenda, putting forward plans to free up new wireless spectrum via auction. Mobile data services, with the help of the iPhone and other devices, are booming, and wireless operators are scrambling to build new 4G networks, even as they warn that they need […]

WTC Medical and Monitoring Treatment Program

The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) encourages all WTC responders to protect their right to file for future Workers’ Compensation benefits by registering form WTC-12 with the WCB. The WCB requires this registration in order for responders to be permitted to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits in the future, regardless of whether or […]

Verizon To Deploy 100 Gigabit Ethernet In Metro Networks

After completing a successful field trial involving beta equipment last week, Verizon plans to begin deploying 100 gigabit Ethernet in its metro switched Ethernet services networks as soon as the line cards to support it are commercially available. […]

VZ Tape Update!

“Discussions continue with the Company on over-subscriptions in releasing the non-surplus employees. As information becomes available we will update these tapes. […]

Supreme Court Rules on Employer Monitoring of Cellphone, Computer Conversations

A hesitant Supreme Court waded cautiously into a question that arises daily in workplaces and offices across the country: whether employers have the right to look over the shoulders of workers who use company computers and cellphones for personal communication. […]

Update on One-Time Enhanced Incentive Offer in New York and New England

The volunteer period for New York and New England associates ended on June 1, 2010. Employees who volunteered for the Enhanced Offer have been notified of their status by their supervisors and will receive a letter in the mail at their homes confirming their status by the middle of this week. Employees who volunteered and […]

VZ Tape Update!

“All Members who applied for the IPP will be verbally notified today of their status. There will only be one more payroll date of June 20th. There will be a meeting with the Company on Monday June 14th and Wednesday, June 16th to discuss the over-subscription and non-surplus issues. […]

CWAers Step Up Campaign to Ban Corporate Tax Loophole

Legislation to close the Reverse Morris Trust tax loophole is before the Senate this week, and CWA members are working hard to get their senators on board.

The House of Representatives closed the Reverse Morris Trust tax loophole last week as part of H.R. 4213, the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act.

CWA’s Legislative […]

Lessons from Arkansas for Elected Officials

Working families in Arkansas came very close to making Lt. Gov. Bill Halter the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate. It’s disappointing to fall short, but CWA locals and members in Arkansas and District 6 did a tremendous amount of work and sent this powerful message to elected officials:

“We will hold you accountable […]