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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About The IPP/Pension Offer

Angel Feliciano, Executive Vice-President

As I have been going around the Local holding meetings on the new IPP/Pension package, a number of questions come up repeatedly. I will answer those questions here and hopefully answer your questions at the same time. I will update the questions as they come up.

As I have been going […]

Rally and March on Wall Street

As our city, state and nation continue to climb out of the current financial crisis, working class Americans still struggle to keep their homes. While taxpayer dollars were used to prevent a complete financial collapse, 1 in 10 Americans remain unemployed. In response, the National AFL-CIO has embarked on a long-term campaign to ensure that […]


An agreement has been reached with the company which vastly improves not only the Income Protection Plan (IPP) package, but the Pension package, as well as contracting protection, and job protection for the post-2003 employee in the Representative and Fiber Solution Center titles.

The details are as follows:

Supplemental Voluntary Termination (IPP Bonus) payment is […]

Verizon Tape - IPP Agreement

Executive Vice President Angel Feliciano speaking:

“We have finally reached an agreement with the Company which provides for vast improvements in the IPP and Pensions. It also addresses our concerns in Contracting and Job Retention. Details will be made available as soon as the agreement is signed by all parties.

We want to thank all […]

CWAers Rally at FCC against Verizon-Frontier Deal

About 200 CWAers from West Virginia, plus supporters from IBEW and the AFL-CIO, rallied outside the Federal Communications Commission, letting regulators know that the proposed Verizon-Frontier Communications deal is a disaster waiting to happen.

Verizon Communications wants to sell landlines in West Virginia and 13 other states to Frontier so it […]

Verizon Tape

Thursday, April 1st, Executive Vice President Angel Feliciano speaking;

“Negotiations for an enhanced IPP offering have broken down as a result of the company’s refusal to address any of our issues and concerns on the recently declared surplus.

Thank you for calling, and please stay in touch with these tapes.”