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Verizon Open Enrollment NYNE - November 7-21, 2012

Open Enrollment for both our active and retired members will run from Wednesday November 7, 2012 to Wednesday November 21, 2012, at 11:59 PM.

Attached are several documents from Verizon Regarding the annual enrollment:

Your Benefits Connected – Active Your Benefits Connected – Retired -Post 91 Your Benefits Connected – Retired – 1986 -1991 Pre […]

Support CableVision Workers! Monday, January 16th, 3:30 PM

Stand Up For Cablevision 99%

Cablevision’s Brooklyn workers are tired of their poor working conditions, lousy healthcare coverage and sham retirement plans. While the 99% at Cablevision are trying to make ends meet, the top six executives raked in $75 million in 2010 and the company pulled in $361 million in profits. […]

Arbitration Decision: Verizon Business Layoff Case

District 1 received the decision in the Verizon Business layoff case and unfortunately we lost the arbitration.

Follow the link below to view the unfavorable award issued by Arbitrator Tillem.

Verizon Business Layoff Award

A Letter From District 1 VP Chris Shelton

Strike Related Discipline Cases

CWA District One Supports Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations

Rally to Support Occupy Wall Street! Wed, Oct 5th @ 4:30

Occupy Wall Street protesters are fighting to make the rich pay their fair share – and for working people everywhere, including at Verizon. CWA will rally with community groups and other unions at Foley Square, (Duane St and Centre St) starting at 4:30pm. Join […]

Victory at T-Mobile - Letter From District 1 VP Chris Shelton

A letter from District 1, VP Chris Shelton

Dear Angel,

On Tuesday, we had a great victory when the first group of T-Mobile USA workers voted to join CWA. Fifteen technicians in Connecticut finally overcame years of aggressive management union busting.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Representative Tim […]

Don’t Miss the Next CWA Virtual Town Hall, Thursday June 16

Workers’ Champion Ed Schultz Will Join Call

CWA’s next “virtual union meeting,” a national town hall by phone and Internet for stewards and all interested members, is scheduled for Thursday, June 16 at 7:30 p.m. EDT.

We’ll talk about our next steps and hear about recent successes, such as the big win CWA members helped […]

CWA’s Verizon Bargainers Focus on Health Care as Talks Near

Verizon bargaining team members from Districts 1, 2 and 13 met last week at CWA headquarters to prepare for negotiations.

CWA members of the Verizon bargaining committee from New York-New England (District 1) and the mid-Atlantic (Districts 2 and 13) met Friday for a daylong discussion on health care, gearing up for tough bargaining […]

CWA, IBEW 2213 and Verizon Summer Camp Reimbursement Program

CWA, IBEW 2213 and Verizon are pleased to announce a Summer Camp Reimbursement Program offered through the Regional Work and Family Committee.

Eligible employees who have not participated in the Dependent Care Reimbursement program since August/September 2010 can request reimbursement (up to $200.00 per session; max $400.00) for summer camp expenses for dependent children up […]

VZ DCRF Reimbursement Extended To May

The reimbursement for child care provided by the DCRF will be extended through May 2011. Originally, the Regional W/F Committee thought the funds would be depleted after the April 2011 payout, but by moving some available money from other projects into the DCRF we were able to provide an additional months payout.