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Your Weingarten Rights

If you are called into a meeting by any company manager or corporate security, please tell them...
If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Union Representative, Officer, or Steward be present at the meeting.
Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.



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August 1st, 2015

Information from Verizon About the Anthem Data Breach

Memo from Verizon Human Resources: We are writing to provide an update on information related to the recent data breach at Anthem. Anthem has begun the process of sending official notification letters via U.S. mail to its members’ homes regarding the data breach. Some members may have already received letters and given the [...]

Article 8 Special Postings - Bidding from 3-11-15 to 3-17-15


March 11, 2015

The vacancies for Field Technician in Bronx and Manhattan are Article 8 Special Postings open for bidding from 3/11/15 through 3/17/15. Only Field Technicians and TTA-Field Technicians located in Bronx and Manhattan may apply for these positions.

These openings are Article 8 Force Adjustment Transfers to rebalance the Field Technician work [...]

Fairpoint and Unions Reach Tenative Agreements


Verizon Sends Union Contracting Letters

Verizon has sent out two letters to CWA which provide notice of the company’s intention to contract out certain work in six months. (see below). The company has shown what they think of our jobs and our job security, we will mobilize and fight!  Our labor built this company and we will not allow this [...]

Stop The TPP

Last night, in his state of the union address, President Obama spoke with confid ence about his vision for our nation. I was glad to hear about initiatives to expand educational opportunities and help workers better balance work and family responsibilities.

But there was one thing in his speech that didn’t make sense– asking Congress for Trade Promotion [...]

Verizon Declares Surplus of Field Technicians in FAA 1

Verizon has declared a surplus of 169 Field Technicians in FAA 1 (New York City). This surplus has been determined by the Company to be due to a process change, not an external event. The provisions of FAP Articles 8(b) and 10 will not apply.

If the surplus condition requires the use of the Enhanced Income [...]

Verizon Corporate Profit Sharing Award

The Corporate Profit Sharing Award will be distributed March 13, 2015. Deadline to defer is February 5, 2015. Members should have received a letter from Verizon stating that the Corporate Profit Sharing Award will be paid to eligible employees on March 13 in your regularly scheduled paycheck. The actual amount of the award will be [...]

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25 Year Anniversary of the 1989 Strike

25 Year Anniversary of the 1989 Strike

Click here to view Pictures from the Rally.

Why We Wear Red Video District 1 VP Chris Shelton

Why We Wear Red!

District 1 VP Chris Shelton – Rally at VZ Headquarters